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Welcome to Angling Travel


Would You Enjoy An Angling Travel Fishing Trip?


  • Do you love fish and fishing?
  • Do you have a desire to learn more about fishing techniques, rivers, fish, the people that become your hosts, yourself?
  • Do you have a respect, a love for the natural world?
  • Do you enjoy, or dream of, spending time in the most beautiful, untouched places this country and the world has to offer?
  • Do you enjoy meeting like-minded anglers?


If so, welcome!

Cast far and wide this year with Angling Travel, have the tightest of lines and fulfil your fishing dreams. Just call 07866 470238 or email joy2at(curlya)angling-travel.com


What do we give you?


  • In depth knowledge of the locality, its people, fishing methods and wildlife
  • The very best fishing the UK and the world has to offer
  • Every aspect of your travel arrangements supervised.
  • Detailed written information before every trip, whether in UK or abroad and as many follow up phone calls as you require.
  • Detailed itineraries.
  • John's help and companionship on tour whether it's needed minute or twenty-four hours a day. He will be there for the whole of each trip.
  • Post trip briefings and frequent reunions where photos, and stories are swapped.
  • 19 years experience of bringing you the planet’s best fishing adventures!

A Personal Message

From John Bailey

Angling Travel has taken me to the most glorious places on the planet. What would my life have been without India, Mongolia, Greenland, Norfolk rivers & lakes and the breathtaking River Wye? It’s true to say that I’ve fished in over sixty countries around the world with brilliant people & a large part of this has been down to Angling Travel. I’m glad that Angling Travel has been and continues to be an adventure for so many hundreds of anglers: it’s certainly the greatest angling adventure of my life.   


Read about John Bailey, your guide and fishing expert Click Here

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Our weekend courses and private tuition are very popular Christmas, Anniversary and Birthday presents for family, friends and partners and we provide a gift card to present to them if you decide to book a trip for them, we are also good at keeping your surprise a secret!

‘I like John because he loves any and every fish and that’s apparent in the way he talks about everything that swims, from golden rudd to huge pike to golden mahseer'    Chris Tarrant, TV and radio presenter

We can let these and hundreds of other anglers like you speak for us!


"Out of 10:11!!Inspiring and …successful. Nothing is guaranteed but this is the next best thing. A massive thank you for our unique and memorable fishing experience. It was wonderful to meet you and John. The fishing day was awesome, John is very calm and friendly, extremely knowledgeable, has superb communication skills and makes you feel very important. He is also very, very patient!!!  We would both be very keen to join a Barbel course next year.’’ David Wilcox, Barbel 2016


‘I enjoyed the weekend tremendously. The company was first class, the accommodation and food were excellent and the work put in by John and yourself was plain for all to see.

It was lovely meeting you and John after reading so many books about your angling adventures and you were both a delight to be with. My two fish were way beyond my expectations and were the result of all the attention and effort  John gave to Mike and I during our stay’ John Mills Barbel 2016


A great treat to spend time with a masterful angler with such a relaxed approach to the fishing’ Ian Miller, Guildford, India, Barbel, Norfolk


‘We really did enjoy ourselves and will look back with pleasure on John’s advice, insights and knowledge – and the charm with which they were offered - excellent company, Joy's hospitality, the wonderful environment, herons, kingfishers and buzzards, the setting sun over the mountains and the riverscape and absolute tranquillity – rural England at its best’ Steve Maltby, Aylesbury, Barbel

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