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Your guidelines for fish care during your trip


· We do encourage either barbless or micro-barbed hooks. They are a great deal easier to remove both from fish and from fingers.


· And, of course, no keep nets.


· If possible, please try to unhook the fish in the net, in the water, providing this can be done safely. If we can keep fish off the banks altogether that is only to their benefit.


· If a fish is to be out of the water for more than thirty seconds or so, aim to have a bait bucket filled with water that can be sprinkled over the fish frequently to keep the gills, eyes and scales all moist. Wetting a fish like this is not a licence, though, to keep a fish out of the water for long periods.


· Make sure your scales and cameras are zeroed and ready to go if recording a fish is particularly important. Ensure, too, that a weigh sling is well-wetted.


· Don't hold fish over gravel banks which could easily kill them if they wriggle from your grasp. It's always a good idea to kneel when holding a fish for a trophy shot and make sure the fish is held over an unhooking mat. PLEASE wet your hands before holding fish under any circumstances.


· ALWAYS have an unhooking mat with you. Make sure the unhooking mat is conveniently placed and keep it well-wetted - there's not a lot of point putting a fish on a dry mat.


· Make sure you are using safe rigs and always use sensible line strengths. Don't fish too close to what are obviously dangerous snags which is why we don't allow the use of bait boats. Too often a fish is lost before it's even half hooked!


· Always have with you good quality forceps and disgorgers. Also ensure you have all the necessary pike unhooking equipment like long-nosed pliers if you are fishing for predators.


· Make sure you have an adequately-sized, soft meshed landing net with you at all times.


· Upon return, hold the fish carefully in the margins until it is ready to swim off of its own accord. (Sometimes it's a good idea to let them recuperate in the net until they are fully recovered).